Denny Webster

The Cost of Gold AQfreezeframe

"The Cost of Gold" (42.5"x53.5")

Mary Beth Bellah

Kiss The Wind – 56″ x 108″ x 2

"Kiss The Wind" 56" x 108" x 2"

Cindy Houston

Mudra Lotus II

"Mudra Lotus II"

Magenna Brink

Digital Whole Cloth Quilt

Digital Whole Cloth Design

Vivianne Voyles

Pandora’s Favorite Things AQwhimsy

"Pandora's Favorite Things" (16"x20")

Lyric Kinard

Ammonite Dream


Karen Starnes

Leader of the Pack Awarded Best Machine Workmanship at MAQF. AQfreezeframe

"Leader of the Pack" (30.5"x23")

Deborah Langsam

Shoe Envy

LangsamDShoeEnvyDET copy

Laura McGrath

Pink Flowers II


Roberta Morgan

Beep Beep

"Beep Beep" (25"x36")

Jeanelle McCall

Playful Sketches AQwhimsy


Karen Lee Carter

Aquatic Amore’

Aquatic Amore, art quilt by Karen Lee Carter

Annette Rogers

Degrees North AQfreezeframe

Annette Rogers

Jenny Williams

Asiatic Lily


Eileen Kane

A Touch of Gold

A Touch of Gold

Mary Ritter

Look, Mom! AQwhimsy

Look, Mom!  21"x26"

Ann Flaherty


Ann Flaherty