Patricia Smith

Patricia enjoys the honor of Viewers Choice with her “Angel Tree” at the ARTQUILTfreezeframe exhibit in 2013.


Magenna Brink

Digital Whole Cloth Quilt

Digital Whole Cloth Design

Susan Lenz

My Blue Grass Roots AQfreezeframe


Denny Webster

The Cost of Gold AQfreezeframe

"The Cost of Gold" (42.5"x53.5")

Roxane Lessa

Fire and Water

Fire and Water

Jenny Williams

Asiatic Lily


Ann Flaherty


Ann Flaherty

Cindy Houston

Mudra Lotus II

"Mudra Lotus II"

Karen Starnes

Leader of the Pack Awarded Best Machine Workmanship at MAQF. AQfreezeframe

"Leader of the Pack" (30.5"x23")

Antoinette Brown

B & W Improv

"B & W Improv" (24"x32")

Kathryn Phillips

Tropical Island

Tropical Island, art quilt by Kathryn Phillips

Susan Robbins

Dodo Birds

Dodo Birds

Katherine Stein

Star Dancers

"Star Dancers" (17"x27")

Nancy Lassiter

The artist with her work, Vintage Complements at AQwhimsy Reception, and a guest.


Margie Barner



Christine Hager-Braun

American Sycamore

American Sycamore, art quilt by Christine Hager-Braun


Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 9.11.00 AM

Page-Walker Arts & History Center, Cary, NC
119 Ambassador Loop, Cary NC

January 1, 2015:  Submission process opens
February 20, 2015:  Entry deadline. Online entry form closes at midnight CDT.
April 22, 2015:  Exhibit opens at Page-Walker Arts & History Center
April 24, 2015: Artist reception at Page-Walker Arts & History Center
June 21, 2015: Exhibit closes at Page-Walker Arts & History Center

Prospectus Here