Ana Sumner

Peruvian Shade

SumnerPeruvian Shade-web

Roxane Lessa

Blue Desert

Blue Desert

Jenny Williams

Eye Candy

Jenny Williams

Judith Glover

Beach Fort Fisher

AQ Water

Karen Lee Carter


Wild Flowers, art quitl by Karen Lee Carter

Susan Brubaker Knapp

Little Green Butterfly

Littlel Green Butterfly, art quilt by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Pam Dowen

Sedona On My Mind


Mary Beth Bellah

Rising Water

"Rising Water" 28" x 48" x 38"

Mary Ritter

Farm Home

Farm Home

Christine Hager-Braun

More Than Just The Sum: Northern Red Oak II

Christine Hager-Braun

Laura Gaskin


Convergence, art quilt by Laura Gaskin

Patricia Smith

Angel Tree Member Choice Award

Member's Choice Award, "Angel Tree" by Pat Smith

Kathryn Phillips

Multi Color Village

Multi Color Village, art quilt by Kathryn Phiillips

Laura McGrath

Wind Driven Rain

Wind Driven Rain, art quilt by Laura McGrath

Ann Flaherty


Ann Flaherty

Eileen Williams

School’s Out


Eileen Kane


Eileen Kane

Nanette Zeller


Nanette Zeller

Katy Gollohon

Night Wind

Night Wind, art quilt by Katy Gollahon



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